Manasneha hospital (KMA Psychotherapy Centre) was started in 1990 in the name of our late father Haji.K. Mohammed Ali. We have adequate infrastructure for op and ip care with an auditorium for seminars, discussions, periodical meetings and conducting awareness classes. Our system is a combination of Homoeo medicines, psychotherapy, other alternative therapies and counselling. And as per the feedback received from our patients and general public the combination works and we have been more than moderately successful ever since it's inception- Thank God.

Manasneha is a homoeo - psychotherapy centre. Our main specialty is Homoeo - psychotherapy in which we use quality homoeo medicines for all psychological and physical problems. Our intention is to help an individual to effect his adjustment in 'various situations' of life and to help him ultimately to acquire mental maturity towards self-fulfillment.

Alternative therapies like sleep therapy, magneto therapy, hypno therapy, psychotherapies based on different religious views are utilized in the treatment.

we have a group of experienced faculty playing a pivotal role in the treatment of the individual. The services of consultant psychologist, consultant homoeo psychologist and consultant homoeo psychiatrist is the backbone of the treatment at manasneha. We help particular group such as bereaved, trauma after disaster or living with serious illness, teenagers, the unemployed, married couple in difficulties or troubled family and gulf returnees.